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The Challenge of Bro. Duane to Eli Soriano or any member of ADD who is ready to face him in any neutral place for a gentleman’s debate, refuting the statement of Soriano against Pope Francis Statement “JESUS IS A MAN” and other answers to what Soriano said against the Catholic Church

The contents of this Article are as follows: First is the challenge of Bro. Duane to Eli Soriano or Any member of ADD who are willing to appear in a neutral place for a gentleman Debate. Second is the response of Bro. Duane to Eli Soriano against the statement of...
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Does John 17:3 refute Christ being God?

One popular religion that assails Catholics is the IGLESIA NI CRISTO established by Mr. Felix Y. Manalo in July 27, 1914. One of the verses that they use is John 17:3 because of their tactics and they convince many people. However, we can see that they cut the verses .Jesus...
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